Undergraduate Graduation (Potsdam, NY)

Born in Akron, Ohio on September 22, 1995 to Merideth L. Williams (née Mount) and James C. Williams.  I have two older sisters (ten and twelve years older, respectively), Kara N. Williams and Kristin M. Williams. My family relocated to Williston, Vermont in 1997 and once more to Shelburne, Vermont in 1998. I completed secondary school at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, Vermont in 2014. I went on to attend Clarkson University from 2014-2018 graduating with a BS in Global Supply Chain Management with minors in Economics, Project Management, and Human Resources Management. While at Clarkson University, I was a member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) economic honor society as well as the social fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma (PKS).  After graduation, I worked from June 2018 through July 2019 at United Technologies Corporation in the greater Hartford, CT area before relocating to Morgantown, WV to pursue my PhD in economics at West Virginia University (WVU). I earned my MA in economics from WVU in the Spring of 2021, and later earned my Ph.D. in Economics in 2023.

My hobbies and interests are varied. I run six miles every day and have been for the past five years or so. I've found running to be a great tool for decompressing and turning my brain off, if only for an hour or so. 

I'm an avid movie junkie developing a particular taste for anything with a Criterion label (favorite movies are The Big Lebowski directed by the Coen Brothers and Memories of Murder directed by Bung Joon-Ho).

Additionally, I have been playing Magic: The Gathering for the better part of sixteen years.  The formats I play primarily are Modern and CEDH. I also enjoy Cube Drafting when the opportunity arises. 

Finally, I am also strongly indebted to my close friends and family for their unrelenting support of my goals and ambitions, however unconventional they may be.

Mount Mansfield Summit (Underhill, VT)

Mount Porte Crayon Hike

Randolph County, WV

Buffalo Sabres Game

Buffalo, NY

Mothman Statue

Point Pleasant, WV

2016 World Series

Cleveland, OH

Thunder in the Catskills

Hunter, NY

Mason-Dixon Line State Park

Core, WV

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas, NV

Take Flight 5K

East Hartford, CT


South Burlington, VT

Zion National Park

Springdale, UT

Cooper's Rock State Park

Cheat Lake, WV

Swallow Falls

Oakland, MD

Algonquin Peak Hike

North Elba, NY

Mothman Festival 2022

Point Pleasant, WV

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

Portland, ME

Seneca Rocks

Pendleton County, WV

The Graffiti Highway

Centralia, PA

Pittsburgh Skyline

Pittsburgh, PA

Tastes & Preferences


  1. The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers, 1998)
  2. Memories of Murder (Bung Joon-Ho, 2003)
  3. Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 1997)
  4. Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders, 1984)
  5. Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino, 1984)

Musical Artists

  1. Dinosaur Jr.
  2. Protest the Hero
  3. Alexisonfire
  4. Thank You Scientist
  5. Deafheaven

Television Series

  1. Twin Peaks (David Lynch, Mark Frost)
  2. Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David)
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David)
  4. The Sopranos (David Chase)
  5. Better Call Saul (Vince Gilligan)

Written Works

  1. Saga of the Swamp Thing (Alan Moore)
  2. At the Mountains of Madness (HP Lovecraft)
  3. Preacher (Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon)
  4. Sandman (Neil Gaiman)
  5. Uzumaki (Junji Ito)

Video Games

  1. Earthbound (APE, HAL Laboratory)
  2. Elden Ring (From Software)
  3. The Binding of Isaac (Edmund McMillen, Florian Himsl)
  4. Dark Souls (From Software)
  5. Fallout: New Vegas (Obsidian Entertainment)